Backpfeifengesicht (German)

“A face badly in need of a fist.”

We’ve all met or seen that person whose face is just begging to be introduced to fist. The Germans were just smart enough to make a word to describe them.

Word donated by Mike

  • Posted by torie

    haha… love it!

    however, there is a typo… the end is “gesicht”, which means face.

  • Posted by westernworld

    being the typical german besserwisser (know it all) that i am i’d like to add that a backpfeife is a slapp cross the face done with an open hand and never a fist.

  • Posted by Flower

    where is the typo???

  • Posted by Julie

    Oh, we have “face à claque” in Quebec French for that. Literally, it would mean “slappable face” or “face (made) for slaps”.

  • Posted by Dawn

    There’s a word for that in Chinese as well – 欠揍 (Qian Zou), or literally “[owing] (a) punch”.

  • Posted by Rita

    In Hungarian there is a similar word but not the same. Tenyérbemászó literally means ‘crawls to the palm (flat of the hand)’. It means that the person has such an annoying behaviour that you want to just hit him. Or if it collocates with face (he has a tenyérbemászó face) it means that only by looking at his face you want to hit him.

  • Posted by Feral


  • Posted by The Butcher

    or Matt Damons face!

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    […] trying. We’ve also got Sam Rockwell, whose performance perfectly embodies the word “backpfeifengesicht.” Don Cheadle was given something of a raw deal, stepping into a role that had already been […]

  • Posted by anon

    “tête à claques” in France’s French (“slaps-head”).

  • Posted by Silfir

    There’s a variation on this, “Backsteingesicht”, as in, a face that begs to have a brick (Backstein) thrown into it.

  • Posted by anon

    We’ve got a word for that in the UK too: David Cameron.


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  • Posted by Eben

    In afrikaans in south africa, we sometimes use the word ‘poesmy gesig’,very hard to translate the full meaning in English, but it’s in the line of ‘bash me face’.

  • Posted by Zhnigo

    Backpfeifen is not a fist punch, it’s a slap.

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