Cúbóg (Irish)

A collective noun for Easter eggs. Word donated by Natalie

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Bothántaíocht (Irish)

From ‘bothán’ meaning ‘hut’ or ‘cabin’, the word refers to the act of going around the neighbours’ houses, collecting gossip. ‘Bothánach’ is an adjective describing someone who does this. Word donated by Natalie

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Shamozzle (Irish)

A disagreement between a group of men that can involve shoving but not as serious as one that involves punching or kicking. Word donated by iamreddave

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Suaimhneas croi (Irish)

A bursting happiness and peace encountered after a task has been finished and there is nothing left to be done. Donated by Jo

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Ládramhaíola (Irish)

An Irish language term roughly translated as “wasted day”. Donated by Keegan

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