L’appel du vide (French)

Translates literally as “call of the void”. The urge some people get to jump from high places when they encounter them, for example when close to the edge of cliffs.

  • Posted by Ashley Nicole

    Horrible horrible horrible night.

    Fuck everything man.

    Everyone is a wanker.

    I hate everything right now.

    I deleted my facebook.

    I’m not using twitter anymore.

    Tumblr might be next. (Probably not)

    I’m sick of social networks.

    I’m sick of people.

    I want to be like Margo Roth Spiegelman and travel on my own. I want to run away from home, live in a paper town, and reject all of society.

    I want to leave impossible clues for someone to find me, to see who is clever enough and who cares enough to find me. Even if it takes them weeks. I want to disappear.


  • Posted by admin

    Hands-down the best comment this blog has ever received.

  • Posted by void

    4:06 AM.

    Friends don’t let friends drink and internet.

  • Posted by 2317

    Ashly– Little Miss L’appel du vide– Who sees right through you? The ones who see and know what games people are playing. Better if they don’t despise you for it; it’s just your conditioning. Margo Roth Spiegelman is a fictional character created by a 30-something American dude settled in a nice home Indiana with a wife, son, and dog, who makes his living writing children’s books.

  • Posted by wale papieza

    Przecież wystarczy przeczytać encykliki Jana Pawła II, by przekonać się, że są przepełnione ideologią, nieprawdami, półprawdami itp.itd. A porównania do poprzednich Papieży? Sam pisałem o tym artykuł. I o tym, że kilka miesięcy później autorzy porównań przyznali, że źle przeprowadzili swoje badania, więc wypadły one na korzyść polskiego Papieża. No, ale o tej drugiej informacji już się nie pamięta. Bo Karol Wojtyła, niedoszły członek KC PZPR, wie, w jaki sposób tworzyć manipulować uczuciami tłumów tworząc “markę”, której nie wolno tknąć. Moim zdaniem pontyfikat polskiego Papieża to jedna z najbardziej szkodliwych rzeczy jakie przytrafiły się Kościołowi Katolickiemu. Doprowadził bowiem do powstania pseudowiary, która, dzięki kultowemu statusowi “Papieża ze wschodu”, staje się prawdą objawioną. A tłumy lubią prawdy objawione, nawet, jeśli z prawdą mają one tyle wspólnego, co PiS z liberalizmem.

  • Posted by DontBl_nk

    I believe there is another way, too, Ashley. Don’t let them shock you with the real, because it’s true that Margo is not real. She is an idea. Some might argue that ideas are more important.

  • Posted by mamasmurfette

    the fact you’d not delete tumblr and even leave that comment shows how not serious she is/was.

  • Posted by J.


  • Posted by Friend

    Hey Ash…

    In my school library’s book club, we once read this book called “Paper Towns” or something. It reminds me of what you’re talking about.

    I hope you found what you are looking for.

  • Posted by Lily

    How sad, leave the poor girl alone, she’s just a angsty teenage girl – let her be angsty and sad and dream of a free female adventurer from a cheap little book she read in her youth that had stuck with her all these years. Don’t any of you remember what it’s like?
    Another wonderful late May day that you missed because you were stuck inside your room while your parents mulled about like cattle ranchers and you have so many years until you can get out and you’re oddly proportioned and horny and hungry all the time and no one likes you cause your weird. But so are they. And you smell bad and probably have some nasty siblings who won’t leave you alone. And so you stay up till four in the morning feeling sorry for your horrible life and write a stupid post on a random site you’re sure no one would see. But they do, oh they do. You bastards the lot of you. Leave the poor child alone

  • Posted by Saker

    Haha, look at all these wight-knight-wannabe fuckers, with words, trying to feel good about things.

  • Posted by Heil Grammatik

    @saker, *white

  • Posted by Anansi

    @lily because you’re* weird.

  • Posted by Whothefuck

    Who the fuck cares about some random anonymous nobody on some shitty blog?


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  • Posted by Laura Murray

    I know how she feels. Ashley, going through the same thing

  • Posted by Hannah

    Ashley, I loved that book. I completely understand what you’re saying. But if you’re going to do the thing, I hope you do it right. Like they said, it’s a book. But books are so much better than the real world. I’d like to be Alaska Young, myself. If you run away and leave clues, leave them for the right person. Just like Margo, if you pick them, make sure they pick you back. I want to travel too, and that’s exactly what I plan to do after college, travel the world, teaching English in places like Africa and Brazil. There are tons o great places and people out there, all you have to do is be courageous and smart enough to go find them. Good luck in all your endeavors.

  • Posted by tilley

    Honestly, this chick is actually doing pretty good for her Margo Roth Spiegelman aspirations. Explaining, how she is deleting what she can so she can be more ‘non-existent’, posting about it on an insignificant website, claiming she is done with everything. The only thing missing is the random capitalization rule that Margo goes by. John Green writes very amazing young adult fictional novels so y’all can shut up about how it may be a storybook from her childhood. It’s not. I’ve read all his books and they make me feel pretty great afterwards. Ever heard of The Fault In Our Stars? It was his most recent book and comes out in theatres as a movie on June 6, 2014. The movie poster was released December 18, 2013. I’m a huge fan of his work so just scurry back to whatever fandoms you came from and leave her alone.

  • Posted by admin

    You had me at “insignificant”.

  • Posted by Srsly

    Fuck u all, if u don’t like the blog GTFO. You’re so insignificant for saying it’s insignificant. Hey, admin, I like your blog, keep goin’, it’s cool. And fuck u haters

  • Posted by Nanny

    My goodness… All those “F-words”. Do we really need them? And such anger…
    I think you all should have a nice cup of tea and a nap, then everything will be better.

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  • Posted by Ella

    (Three years later)
    I find it ironic that I come here looking for sources for a book I just started writing, and who should I find but Margo Roth Spiegelman? John Green is possibly the person who haphazardly convinced me to reconsider writing, and has influenced me incredibly.

    I would been keen to hear from Ashley and see how’s she’s going with finding her Paper Town – God knows I have wished the same thing. Best of luck Ashley.

  • Posted by www.dictionary.com

    is this a dictionary page? where am I

  • Posted by ditzy

    Having also stumbled in here three years later, that was all rather fascinating.

    Ashley, darling, you rather unintentionally messed up some people up. Bloody well done.

  • Posted by Sithis

    The void.

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