Meraki (Greek)

The word may be quite close to “ardor,” but is exclusively used when referring to one’s own creations. For example, when making a piece of furniture or cooking a dish, and really loving what you do, putting all your effort and creativity into it, you can be said to be doing it with “meraki”.

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    i want to improve my eglish if u want

  • Posted by Stephanie

    Use it in a sentance?

  • Posted by Aleks

    you can be said to be doing it with “meraki”.

  • Posted by garry mcfeeter

    How is it pronounced? With the stress on the second syllable?

  • Posted by Greek

    It’s not a Greek work it has Arabic origin.

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    […] a Greek word meraki that’s one of those lovely terms that has no literal translation. Loosely interpreted, meraki […]

  • Posted by Idrees

    meraki : (v) To do something with soul, creativity, or love,, to put something of yourself into work.

    Eg: I made this portrait with meraki.

  • Posted by Andy

    Not sure if it’s a verb or adjective. Any idea anyone?

  • Posted by Andy

    Strikes me as a noun.

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