Schnapsidee (German)

A German word meaning a very stupid idea (as in: “that’s totally stupid, were you drunk when you came up with it?”)
Word donated by Mike

Riq (الريق) (Arabic)

An Arabic word that means ” on an empty stomach”.   For example: “this medicine is to be taken on a riq”.

Word donated by Nedjmax

Lebensmüde sein (German)

Lit. ‘being lifetired’, possibly meaning that you either did something extremely dangerous (“Bist du lebensmüde?” / Are you lifetired?) or used to accuse someone of having lost all their joy in living.

Word donated by Elogan

وش (Arabic)

This word is from Egyptian Arabic and is pronounced like the English word “wish”.

It means the frothy head on a Turkish-style coffee.

Word donated by Elliot

Erdera (Basque)

Any language that is not Basque.

Word donated by Jon

Txotx (Basque)

It means literally toothpick, but it’s also said when you tip cider out of a barrel to anounce to everybody the barrel is open and they ought to fill their glasses.

Word donated by Jon

Gretchenfrage (German)

Composed of “Gretchen” (Name, short for Margarete) and “Frage” (Question).

This is a neologism from Goethe’s Faust I, where in one scene “Gretchen” asks her lover “Dr. Faust” about his position towards religion (the original Gretchenfrage).   Unfortunatly, Dr. Faust is involved with the devil himself, and therefore in an awkward position…

Today “Gretchenfrage” is a question asked to reveal someone’s true intentions so as to avoid being tricked.


Word donated by Tom

Tüddelig (German)

Pronounciation: Tü as the french “tu” (you)
ddel as in Lana “del” Rey
ig as in “big”, without the b

Tüddelig usually describes a elderly and senile woman who is forgetful and slow, but super-nice and sweet in her way.  It can be applied to men as well, but usually isn’t.

Word donated by Tom

Stubenhocker (German)

Composed of “Stube” (older word for living room) and “hocker” (usually a chair without a backrest)
It describes a “stay-at-home”, a person who doesn’t meet anyone or leaves the house.

Word donated by Tom

Fanaa (Arabic)

Pronounced as “fa-naa”, it means to destroy the ego or the self while being physically alive, thereby achieving enlightenment.

Word donated by Johann

Chindogu (Japanese)

Something that solves a particular common problem, but is useless otherwise.

Word donated by Bryan

Yakamoz (Turkish)

The bioluminescent light that a certain sea creature emits, resulting in a light show on the sea surface.

Word donated by Can

Voetstoots (Afrikaans)

Pronounced as “foot-st-woots”, this basically means “as is”, but refers to something, usually sold, with all its faults and without guarantees. It literally translates into “foot pushing”.

Word donated by Johann

Ukiyo (Japanese)

Pronounced as “oo-ki-yo”, this means the “floating world”; a place of fleeting beauty and living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.

Word donated by Johann

Sarang (Korean)

Pronounced as “sa-rong”, this is an expression of the wish to be with someone until death.

Word donated by Johann