Pilkunnussija (Finnish)

Literally: a comma fucker. A pedant; a person who corrects trivial or meaningless things.

  • Posted by Sandra

    Great one! You meet so many of these in the translation industry, pretending to proofread your work and just wasting time changing commas.

  • Posted by Silch


  • Posted by Julie


    It’s also a danish version: Flueknepper (fly-fucker)

  • Posted by required

    Well, you can translate it into German as “Krümelkacker”

  • Posted by Name

    In English, it’s “grammar nazi”.

  • Posted by Atte

    But “grammar nazi” only applies when they’re actually correcting someone’s grammar. A pilkunnussija can be annoingly pedantic or nit-picking about anything.

  • Posted by Anna

    Similar in Dutch: muggenzifter (mosquito-sifter) or mierenneuker (ant-fucker)

  • Posted by Erin

    Wouldn’t this just be “nit-picker”, then?

  • Posted by simon

    Also in French = “enculeur de mouches” (“sodomiser of flies”) has the same sense. Yes, Erin, “nit-picker” is how it’s often translated, but perhaps the image has more of a sense of unnecessary pedantry!

  • Posted by MustBeAnAsshole?

    I’m confused… is there something wrong with speaking the language correctly? Or is it best to just sound like an asshole? Example: all of the above.

  • Posted by ru

    in austrian german it’s “i-tüpferl-reiter”. (someone who’s literally riding the dot above the “i”)

  • Posted by Pilkunnussija

    You must mean: “I’m confused. Is there something wrong with speaking the language correctly, or is it best to just sound like an asshole?”

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  • Posted by L.VonMatterhorn

    In spanish it would be “follaRAEs” or “follaortografías”

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  • Posted by Erin

    hahahahahahaha @pilkunnussija

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