Yutta-Hey (Cherokee)

Yutta-hey is translated to “it is a good day to die.” The Cherokee Indians would shout this just before charging into battle. It is not a wish to die, but rather a complete content feeling of life at the moment.

Word donated by Caleb

  • Posted by Yutta Darcy-Tonkin

    Had not realized that one of my favorite phrases is so apt for my name

  • Posted by Rachel

    This is not even a Cherokee word. It’s a Hollywood bastardization of a Dine (Navajo) word. It’s also not written “Yutta-hey” or anything even close to that. Check your words to avoid insulting someone’s language, please.

  • Posted by hello

    are you cherokee rachel?

  • Posted by Iam

    agreed, that is not Cherokee *judges*

  • Posted by DJ THUNDERMIXX

    Thanks for making the correction. Those in Hollyweird can really take something meaningful and turn it into crap. Peace.

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